Appleby Farms


  • Strategic Innovation
  • Market Validation
  • Brand Position
  • Campaign Narrative
  • Creative Direction
  • TVC Packaging
  • Point-of-Purchase
  • Outdoor + Print


Appleby Farms is a Nelson-based dairy company which had a unique point-of-difference in the market as an A2 ice cream brand, Started by two farmers who felt inspired to share their great product with people, but were engaging the market from a ‘product-first’ perspective. They approached Future to find a way to create greater depth within their brand rather than only be positioned as a ‘cow-to-cone’ brand and to connect in a more meaningful way with their customers.

Our insights showed that the consumer craved a relationship with the source of their food. Being a farm, Appleby Farms was already positioned through their name to pivot to a consumer-centric narrative that was inclusive, engaging and where ‘life is good’.

Communications. Farm Life

We want our customers to feel what it’s like to experience life on a farm and New Zealand, to get close to their food and the lifestyle, to have their senses engaged.