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  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction +
  • Copywriting
  • Design


Horleys was a client that allowed us to strategically position them in the market which was under increasing pressure from domestic and international competitors, higher cost of goods and decreasing shelf space in the trade. We developed the brand’s proposition as ‘Intelligent Nutrition’ and linked the connections between the body + mind through our creative execution of the brand and in campaigns.

Horleys grew from a turnover of 7M to 36M in the span of three years and was considered the ‘premium’ choice. Horleys – ‘Expect’, is the third generation campaign off the successful ‘think big’, ‘think fast’, ‘think fit’ initial launch off the positioning. Looking at trends within the industry – the modern fitness audience was not motivated solely by only big muscles and massive weights but increasingly becoming more interested in being a complete athlete. We capitalised on this and delivered a campaign that spoke to the dynamic fitness capabilities of each athlete.